Vortex Chain

An abstract 3D shooter

Colorful, fun and really challenging. Vortex Chain is a different shooter, where you'll be able to control up to 4 ships at once in order to either destroy or avoid the obstacles in your way.

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Gun Polygon

2D shooter

Gun Polygon is both a puzzle game and a shooter game. You have to shoot the falling polygons to prevent them from touching the red line at the bottom of the screen, but you can only destroy them if your weapon has the same color as them.

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Tree Rush

Collect the trees and don't get destroyed!

This little bot has the important mission of collecting as many trees as possible. Unfortunately, the place he was sent to is really dangerous. The reason for that is the presence of lots of weird shurikens that might stop him from completing his mission. What is his mission? And why?

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Train your brain!

A simple math game with simple math problems involving the basic operations. Practice the math tables and improve your math skills in a fun and challenging way.

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